Greetings from the 3D FISH Summer School

Best wishes from the 2D & 3D FISH summer school

Thanks to all the attendees.

Thanks to all our sponsors:

We were 23 people sharing know-how about FISH experiments.

10 attendees coming from 3 countries (France, Brasil and UK), 7 different labs working with 5 model species .

...we warmly thanks the Leica company for its support and espacially Marie-George and Clément for having taking care of the microscope session together with Caroline and Sophie

...Maria and Paul from Amsterdam University for all their technical tips...

and of course Sophie,  Caroline, Aline, Christophe, Matthias, Axel and Pierre from the GReD. Sorry for all the stress generated by the organization of those few days!!!

It was a great experience for all of us and we hope to keep in touch to umprove our FISH protocols on Arabidopsis, wheat, mouse and even micro-organisms!

Best wishes,


Last modified: 05/05/2017