Post-doc position available "Environment-Metabolism-Spermatogenesis-Pathophysiology-&-Inheritance”.

Post-doc position available  "Environment-Metabolism-Spermatogenesis-Pathophysiology-&-Inheritance”.

A 2 to 3 years post-doc position, funded by the Plan Cancer-3R call, is available in the Volle’s team

In order to explore the questions of Testicular Germ Cell tumor (TGCT) biology and their sensitivity to chemo-drugs, the team has started...

...a new field of research focusing on nuclear receptors. To achieve this project, the team will use genetically modified mice that are predisposed to TGCT and testicular organotypic culture system. In addition, the team develop single cell approach to decipher the molecular mechanisms involved in tumor development, aggressiveness or chemo-resistance. Through these models combined with high-throughput approaches, candidate will analyze the biology of germ cell tumors as well as their sensitivity to therapy. In addition, candidate will use C.elegans as a powerful genetic model to validate candidates defined in mouse models. This transposition will be useful to develop new model to study germ cell tumor in regards with the 3R ethical rules.

For more details and to apply, it’s here.

Last modified: 05/22/2020