Phd Thesis defense: Preethi POOVATHUMKADAVIL

Phd Thesis defense:  Preethi POOVATHUMKADAVIL

Preethi POOVATHUMKADAVIL   (Team “Diversification of muscle and heart cells in normal and pathological conditions”) will defend her Phd Thesis entitled:

"Bioinformatic and functional analyses of muscle cell diversification in Drosophila melanogaster".

Friday   the 23th of  April  2021  at 8:30 am-  online (link avilable from Preethi)

Viva examiners : Athanasia Sotiropoulos (Cochin Inst, Paris-Reviewer); Michael V. Taylor (Cardiff University, Cardiff-Reviewer); Maria Spletter (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München-Reviewer);  Laurence Dubois (CBI, Toulouse -Examiner) ; Maria Eugenia Gallego (iGReD- Examiner); Krzysztof Jagla (iGReD-PhD supervisor).

Last modified: 04/21/2021