A new recognition for the GReD research againts cancer

A new recognition for the GReD  research againts cancer

The EDC-CaP project- Environmental chemical disrupter and metastasic potential of prostate cancer- leads by Jean-Marc Lobacarro et Sylvére Baron is among the 8 selected projects from the national call "effects of the exposure to environmental risk factors on cancer".  This success highlights the capabilities of the GReD teams to design and coordinate demanding and original research projects to fight cancer.


Many GReD projects that tackle the etiology of cancer benefit from the support of Cancéropôle CLARA or charities with, on the top of them, La fondation ARC and La ligue Contre le Cancer. More specifically, there is currently 4 translational projects, associating both « fundamental » and « clinical » teams that, following their selection from competitive call, are coordinated by GReD teams.

In adition to the  EDC-CaP project, GReD is indeed leading 2 other projects in the frame of  Plan cancer 2014-2019, centered on endocrine disruptor in the etiology of testis cancer  and the  epigenetics bases of malignant glioma, respectively. Also, a project coordinated by the GReD on Wnt pathway in adrenal cancer has been successful at the last international call from Worldwide Cancer Research. These successes, further confirmed by those of Silvère and Jean-Marc, stress the quality of work and projects conducted at GReD to fight cancer.

To learn more on the EDC-CaP project ,read the interview given  by Jean-Marc and Silvère  to the Blaise Pascal University website : http://www.univ-bpclermont.fr/article3317.html

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Silvère Baron: sylvere.baron@univ-bpclermont.fr

Jean-Marc Lobacarro : j-marc.lobaccaro@univ-bpclermont.fr

Last modified: 05/05/2017