Team 13: Environment, spermatogenesis, pathophysiology and inheritance






Congratulation to Mélusine who succeed in her MASTER-2R and will start PhD with us in October 2018.

Wellcome to Melusine, Master-2R student, working on molecular mechanisms of spermatogenesis.

We will start studying spermatogenesis using C ELegans thanks to our financial support from the French government IDEX-ISITE initiative 16-IDEX-0001 (CAP 20-25)/ Emergence program.

Félicitations à Manon et Claude pour l'obtention d'une bourse de thèse de la FRM.

Félicitations à Laura pour l'obtention de son contrat doctoral, nous serons heureux de la retrouver en Septembre prochaine avec nous!

Félicitations à Manon pour son prix de thèse de la Ligue contre le cancer

Féliciations à Emmanuelle pour son papier dans Stem Cell Reports "The Bile Acid Nuclear Receptor FXRα Is a Critical Regulator of Mouse Germ Cell Fate"

Research thematics


Last Name First Name Position Contact
Claude BEAUDOIN profile picture BEAUDOIN Claude Professor
Francoise CAIRA profile picture CAIRA Francoise Associate Professor
Angelique DE HAZE profile picture DE HAZE Angelique Assistant Engineer
Manon GARCIA profile picture GARCIA Manon Ph.D Student
Helene HOLOTA profile picture HOLOTA Helene Engineer
Melusine MONROSE profile picture MONROSE Melusine Ph.D Student
Jean-Paul SARU profile picture SARU Jean-Paul Technical Assistant
Laura THIROUARD profile picture THIROUARD Laura Ph.D Student
David VOLLE profile picture VOLLE David Principal Investigator