Team 11: Nuclear receptors and prostate diseases

“Lipids, nuclear receptors and male disorders”

The primary goal of our group is to understand and discriminate the respective roles of the lipid related nuclear receptors (namely LXR, FXR and SHP) in the control of the endocrine activity in males. For that purpose we use complementary as well as parallel approaches to answer these questions: new or already available mouse models and various cell models. The research project is focused on two complementary topics: 1) Control of the lipid homeostasis in the reproductive functions by studying the physiologic role of LXRs in the testis and the impact of bile acids on male reproductive functions. 2) Impact of lipids on prostate physiology and pathology (benign prostate hyperplasia and prostate cancer).


 Projet de l'équipe de L. Morel

Research thematics


Last Name First Name Position Contact
Silvere BARON profile picture BARON Silvere Principal Investigator
Bagora BAYALA profile picture BAYALA Bagora Research Fellow
Julio Arduino BUNAY-NOBOA profile picture BUNAY-NOBOA Julio Arduino Post-doctoral Fellow
Sarah DALLEL profile picture DALLEL Sarah Ph.D Student
Cyrille DE JOUSSINEAU profile picture DE JOUSSINEAU Cyrille Associate Professor
Hamzaoui EYA profile picture EYA Hamzaoui Intern
Eya Hamzaoui profile picture HAMZAOUI Eya Intern
Ayhan KOCER profile picture KOCER Ayhan Associate Professor
Jean-Marc LOBACCARO profile picture LOBACCARO Jean-Marc Professor
Salwan MAQDASY profile picture MAQDASY Salwan Associate Professor - Clinician
Elodie MARTIN profile picture MARTIN Elodie Ph.D Student
Laurent MOREL profile picture MOREL Laurent Professor
Jean-Paul SARU profile picture SARU Jean-Paul Technical Assistant
Amalia TROUSSON profile picture TROUSSON Amalia Associate Professor
Marine VIALAT profile picture VIALAT Marine Ph.D Student