Team 10: Translational approach to epithelial injury and repair

Our research team is interested in the membrane receptor called RAGE (Receptor for Advanced glycation Products) which is a multi-ligands (called alarmins) receptor belonging to the immunoglobulin superfamily. Ligands-binding activate, at the cellular level, signalling pathways leading to an inflammatory answer. Our project is particularly focused on this receptor implication in lung and fetal membranes epithelium aggression during two pathologies called respectively: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and Premature Rupture of Membrane (PROM).


Following endogenous or exogenous aggression, the integrity and functionality of the epithelial barrier could be disrupted as encountered in numerous pathologies. Wound healing ability after such aggression is of primary importance in order to obtain a clinical positive evolution. Situated on the crossroads between metabolic and inflammatory cellular process, the Receptor for Advanced glycation Products (RAGE) seems to be a promising research area in such epithelial defects. The team has already started to demonstrate RAGE’ importance in lung and fetal membranes epithelial aggression models encountered in two pathologies called Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and Premature Rupture of Membrane (PROM).  Due to the numerous potential associations between RAGE and its ligands directly linked to pathological state, the importance of each combination and/or the research of new RAGE ligands had to be clarified and identified in ARDS or PROM. By using pharmacological approach and molecular biology tools, our research project aims to identify molecular pathways and target genes that could be implied in pathophysiological cases regarding both pathologies. Furthermore, as the direct interaction of the epithelium with its surrounding environment constitute an important part of the wound evolution; our work will also demonstrate the RAGE pathway implications regarding cell communications. The availability of a RAGE KO mouse in the lab, will permit us to conduct in-vivo studies. At the end, all our results must permit the arising of new diagnostics and therapeutics tools in our both pathologies.

Research thematics


Last Name First Name Position Contact
Corinne BELVILLE profile picture BELVILLE Corinne Research Engineer
Loic BLANCHON profile picture BLANCHON Loic Associate Professor
Raiko BLONDONNET profile picture BLONDONNET Raiko Ph.D Student
Damien BOUVIER profile picture BOUVIER Damien Associate Professor - Clinician
Frederic CHIAMBARETTA profile picture CHIAMBARETTA Frederic Professor - Clinician
Caroline CHOLLAT-NAMY profile picture CHOLLAT-NAMY Caroline Intern
Helena CHOLTUS profile picture CHOLTUS Helena Ph.D Student
Karen COSTE profile picture COSTE Karen Associate Professor - Clinician
Julia EYCHENNE profile picture EYCHENNE Julia Research Fellow
Emmanuel FUTIER profile picture FUTIER Emmanuel Professor - Clinician
Denis GALLOT profile picture GALLOT Denis Professor - Clinician
Fanny HENRIOUX profile picture HENRIOUX Fanny Ph.D Student
Matthieu JABAUDON profile picture JABAUDON Matthieu Associate Professor - Clinician
Geoffroy MARCEAU profile picture MARCEAU Geoffroy Associate Professor - Clinician
Regine MINET-QUINARD profile picture MINET-QUINARD Regine Associate Professor - Clinician
Charlotte ORIS profile picture ORIS Charlotte Ph.D Student
Sebastien PERBET profile picture PERBET Sebastien Ph.D Student
Laurence ROSZYK profile picture ROSZYK Laurence Clinician
Vincent SAPIN profile picture SAPIN Vincent Principal Investigator
Ruoyang ZHAI profile picture ZHAI Ruoyang Ph.D Student


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